The Ultimate Guide To Buying An Air Conditioner

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No matter where you are, you have to be prepared for the hottest days of the year with a good air conditioner. Whether you are replacing your old AC or simply installing a new one, the process of buying and installing an air conditioner can be a very tiresome, and most of it goes in deciding which is the right AC for your room. This Homeyantra’s Ultimate guide to buying the right Air Conditioner makes that process simpler. Know what Air conditioner best suits your room size for the hot city you live in.

  • Things to Consider – When deciding which type of AC you need, consider the following pointers
    • Room Size
    • Frequency of Use
    • Exposure to Sun or Heat

Also, consider the below significant features which would help for your convenience-

  • Remote control
  • Noise Dampening Technology
  • Other Smart Features

Types of AC:

  • Split AC
  • Window AC

Split AC

Split AC
Split AC – Indoor and Outdoor Units

Split ACs are more energy efficient than window ACs. They come in 2 parts, one is an indoor unit and the other one is an outdoor unit which is the compressor. Tubing is required which connects the outdoor system with the indoor system.

Types of Split ACs

  • Inverter – The motor of the inverter AC runs at variable speed. The motor runs as per the temperature of the room thus by increasing the energy efficiency and reduce cost.
  • Non-Inverter – The motor of the non-inverter AC runs at a fixed speed. No matter what the temperature of the room is the speed of the motor remains fixed, hence it does not help is save much of energy and reduce cost.

Advantage of Split AC

  • Energy efficient
  • Quiet Operation
  • Slim Profile
  • Aesthetically designed


  • More expensive than window AC
  • Requires high skill professional installation
  • Tubing is required through either copper tube or aluminium tube

Window AC

Window AC
Window AC

Window ACs are a more classic form of ACs that we have seen. These are one complete unit which fits on the window.

Advantages of Window AC

  • Fits properly on the window/wall
  • Takes up less space on the floor
  • Easy to install and uninstall


  • Noisier than a split AC
  • Takes up window space
  • Not very aesthetically designed

Considering BTU (British Thermal Unit)

BTU measures the amount of heat an AC can remove from the air over a given period of time. The higher the number the better the cooling, however bigger doesn’t necessarily mean better. For a proper cooling of the room, we need to match the area of the room with the BTU capacity of the air conditioner. An underpowered AC won’t cool a large room properly, on the other hand, a very high BTU rating would cool the room so fast that it won’t have the time to dehumidify the air which may lead to the space feeling clammy and cold.

Area to be Cooled (Square Feet) AC Ton BTU (British Thermal Unit)
100 to 150 0.5 5000
150 to 250 0.5 6000
250 to 300 0.5 7000
300 to 350 0.75 8000
350 to 400 0.75 9000
400 to 450 0.75 10000
450 to 550 1 12000
550 to 700 1.2 14000
700 to 1000 1.5 18000
1000 to 1200 2 21000
1200 to 1400 2 23000
1400 to 1500 2 24000

Energy Rating

Energy rating is the number that shows the amount of energy that is required to do the required amount of cooling. The higher the energy rating number the lower the relative energy used.

ACs with a higher star rating are usually more expensive but in the long run, they help save a lot of money by reducing monthly energy cost.

Refer to the below table to get an idea on how much energy you could save based on a 1.5-ton window or split AC at different star rating.

Star Rating Energy Efficiency Chart

Important Features

  • Anti-Bacterial Filter
    • Removes harmful substances from the air like dust, pollens, hair and other microscopic substances that are present in the air
  • Cooling and Heating
    • These units act both as a heater for winters and cooler during summers
  • Dehumidification
    • Reduces the humidity in the air
  • Dust Filter
    • Removes dust from the air
  • Auto Clean
    • AC automatically cleans itself from bacteria and other elements thus increasing the lifespan
  • Sleep Mode
    • You can set a pre-requisite temperature and the AC automatically turns off to give you a peaceful sleep.

With this guide, you can take an informed buying decision, with the right choice of the product that suits your need the best. For a quicker product discovery, Smart Decision Tool at Homeyantra helps you choose the right AC from a wide range of products.

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