The Ultimate Guide To Buying a Fridge

Cover Picture of Refrigerator

These days refrigerators are as smart as any device in your household. Today, fridges come with a plethora of features and different level of energy efficiencies. With every product claiming superiority over others, choosing the right fridge for your home could be a difficult task. This Homeyantra’s Ultimate Guide to buying the right Refrigerator makes buying process simpler. Know which fridge best suits your home and family.

Below are the 5 absolutely important things to consider while buying the perfect fridge for your home.

  • Size of the fridge
  • Design of the fridge
  • Energy Rating
  • Cool Features

Size of the Fridge

The size of the fridge is the most important consideration that needs to be made before buying it. Bigger is better, no that is not always true especially when it comes to a fridge. Things to look for while checking the size

  • Size of the family
  • Food habits – Non-Vegetarian or Vegetarian
  • Available space in Room or Kitchen

Apart from the above parameters, please ensure that the fridge can pass through the passages, elevators and all points of entry to avoid physical damage to the product. Please ensure to have enough space to allow the fridge door to open properly.

Types of Fridge

Once you have zeroed in on the size of the fridge, you need to look into the design tat will suit you best.

  • Mini Fridge
    • Good for one Room
      • Capacity 40 to 100 lit
      • Direct Cool
      • Small or no Freezer Space
      • Economical
  • Single Door
    • Good for Couples and small family
      • Capacity 150 to 300
      • Direct Cool
      • Economical
      • Sufficient Freezer Space
  • Double Door
    • Good for families of 3 to 4
      • Capacity 230 to 500 Ltr.
      • Frost Free
      • Large freezer space
      • Energy Savings Chart
      • Energy efficient
      • Shelves are made of toughened glass
  • Multi-Door
    • Good for families of 4 to 5
      • Capacity 240 to 400 Ltr.
      • Frost free
      • Large separate vegetable drawers
      • Freezer on top
      • Toughened glass shelves
  • Side by Side
    • Good for a family size of more than 6
      • Capacity 500 to 700 Ltr.
      • Frost Free
      • Large sections
      • Ample space for vegetables
      • Toughened glass shelves
      • Some models have water/ice dispenser
  • French Door
    • Good for a large family
      • Capacity 650 to 800 Ltr.
      • Stylish and elegant
      • Bottom mounted freezer
      • Ice/Water dispensers are offered in many models

Energy Rating

The fridge is hardest working home appliance at home since it is always on. So, evidently, you need to purchase a fridge with a better energy rating. The higher the energy stars the more money you would save in the long run.

  • Energy Star – This is the standard for electronics coined by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency. The below star ratings would give you an idea on the savings you would make per year.
  • Inverter Compressor – In an inverter compressor, the compressor doesn’t stop but runs at a slow speed to maintain the required temperature in the fridge. This leads to 30% – 40% more energy efficiency.Inverter Compressor

Type of Defrosting

  • Direct Cool – Direct Cool uses natural convection to keep and are considered to keep food fresh for lesser. They also have to be manually defrosted periodically.
  • Frost Free – Frost Free refrigerators use fans to keep the stored food fresh. They don’t need to be manually defrosted.Types Of Frosting

Features we love

    • Cool Pack – Cool packs keeps cold food cold for up to 12 hours. This is helpful during power outages.
    • Adjustable Racks – Adjustable racks are a nice way to make more room for more important item in the fridge.
    • Deodorizer – Deodorizer keeps the fridge from smelling foul. This removes the odour particles to keep the air fresh.
    • Convertible Refrigerator/Fridge – Based on your needs, you can change the cooling zone. For instance, if more space is required for refrigerator due to extra bottles or food then using the adjustable divider you can reduce the space taken by freezer effectively increasing the refrigerator space.
    • Water & Ice Dispenser Choose a fridge with Ice/Water dispenser. They dispense fresh, filtered cold water in an instant.
  • Built-In Stabiliser – Fridges are generally equipped with in-built voltage stabilisers which protect it from voltage fluctuations.  

With this guide, you can take an informed buying decision, with the right choice of the product that suits your need the best. For a quicker product discovery, Smart Decision Tool by Homeyantra helps you choose the right fridge from a wide range of products.

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