Model: 50KU6000


Thinking of replacing your old TV to add a spark to this festive season? High-Resolution Picture quality with every little minute detail being visible is something that you would obviously expect from your television.And if its got other features of a SMART TV and you get it at a good rate, what else could you want?

In the year when several 4k Ultra HD televisions were released, Samsung steps up its game to release its new Ace Model to the market, the KU6000. With amazing features and a smooth and sleek design, this beauty is ready to light up your home and get your peers and relatives talking about the enthralling experience.


The 50 inch KU6000 is very slim like most of Samsung’s Smart TVs, with dimensions measuring up to 1242.6 x 718.4 x 63.2 mm without the V stand and it clocks in at 12.2 kilograms.

In the black plastic bezel, it is sleek and charming enough to instantly grab the attention of your guests and friends, at the very sight of it. The Y-shaped stand matches its design well. The smart design of the KU6000 has perfectly incorporated the 3 HDMI ports and 2 USB ports into the frame and made everything blend in perfectly.



This SMART TV contains some of those striking features, which could easily give your neighbours’ TVs a tough competition. The PurColour technology that this Samsung KU6000 uses, will give you a clearer, brighter and a more vivid viewing experience when it comes to the colours and contrasts of the picture. This Samsung SMART TV is all set to bring a theatre-like experience at your home, with the HDR Premium feature.

Wondering about faded colours in the corners? The UHD display (4 times more than a FULL HD display), will not let colours fade or disperse at any point, so that means purer and sharper images at every part of the TV screen.

A high speed and powerful quad-core processor for the new Samsung KU6000 will help you with smooth operation.

TheTizenOS provides you with quick and easy access to all menus, it looks attractive, and is highly organized in nature so that you can find your jam faster and yes, no more waiting on that blank screen for the TV to finally start off!


Your kids would obviously love to access the Live TV, Games, Over the Top, and more such features that the SMART TV contains. These can be easily navigated through a single access point with the Smart Hub Feature.

The videos and music on your Smartphone or PC or an external HDD get wider space and sharper sound. Ask how? There are easy connectivity options for your Smart devices as well as ports to insert the Hard Drive.


Picture Quality:

You must already have experience of viewing Full HD content, don’t you? Get ready for something more mesmerising now! All that these technical terms like 4K and UHD and a resolution of 3840×2160 mean, is about the visual content in The Samsung KU6000. That is 4 times clearer, sharper and livelier visuals. In addition, you have 192 colour adjustment points which result in all colours and shades being richer and refined at their best.

Once you have viewed content in the Samsung KU6000, you would not want to return to viewing them on other gadgets you own. The reason for this claim? Even the low-quality content on your gadgets get converted and streamed in to as good as UHD quality. That is almost the same quality as the content you view while watching this TV.

The amazingly stark colours and contrasts that this Samsung SMART TV gives you to render true-to-life image quality is done by the UHD Dimming technology. Every detail and the exact clarity of the visuals are brought to you as they actually are, with the 8 million pixels.

Sound Quality:

Are you looking forward to getting a movie-hall experience when friends come-over during the weekends? With Dolby Digital Plus with DTS codecs and a sound output of 20 watts, Samsung makes sure that friends cancel their movie or game arena plans to visit you instead! The KU6000’s internal audio system with BASS REFLEX features would transform your living area into something as cool as a dance floor. Beware the scorn of your neighbours!


Eat, sleep, pray, party, love and work! You can almost do everything with this Samsung SMART TV! Yes, connect to the internet, browse, stream and do so much more with its easy and varied connectivity options. A built-in Wireless LAN, ConnectShare, 2 USB ports, 3 HDMI ports, inbuilt Wi-Fi, screen mirroring of your Smartphone; what else could anyone ask for?

Price and Availability:

This awesome model of 50 inch Samsung TV is priced at Rs. 1, 16, 900. It is available online at HomeYantra with some grand offers and discounts. If you are looking for convenient EMI options, click here.

Warranty and Service:

Samsung provides a one or two year warranty on this model. There is a 24×7 live chat service support provided by Samsung online and the Samsung Customer Care is one phone call away from assisting you with a home visit.

In case of any manufacturing or functional defects, you can either get in touch with Samsung customer care or register your Service request online on and a Samsung Authorized technician will pay a visit to repair the fault.


Still, have not made up your mind on purchasing this beauty? Read on! The Samsung KU6000 is loaded with amazing features like 4k Ultra HD, Tizen OS, PurColour and High Resolution. So that means, no more waiting on that black screen for your TV to start, no more blurry image on the edges and no more dullness. The experience of watching your favourite shows and movies is breath-taking. You will now feel every single little part of your screen with utmost real-life perception.So, if you are a movie-maker or a photographer, you have a great gadget to bank upon for those details you need to notice before you edit.

It’s one of the higher priced products in the very crowded list of Smart TVs but also offers one of the best visual experiences. The KU6000 is truly a beautiful Smart TV which deserves a place in your living room if it meets your specific requirements. Go to your nearest Electronics store and get yourself the new, Samsung KU6000.

On a scale of 10, this product certainly deserves a 9. A pointless is for the comparatively high price and the striking contrast that sometimes might be hurting on your eye, but you can adjust that anyway!

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