Panasonic 123 cm (49 inches) 4k (Ultra HD) 3D Smart LED TV Model – TH-49CX700D

Panasonic 123 cm (49 inches) 4k

(Ultra HD) 3D Smart LED TV

Model – TH-49CX700D



Panasonic had gained renown in the market of television owing to their amazing plasma screen models. They have been releasing great models over the years, which has been highly acclaimed in the market.

The Panasonic model comes as this revolution in television viewing where you feel like you can touch or feel the objects that are streaming on your screen. The screen becomes non-existent and the viewer is almost pummeled into the world of the television. The TV is for those who prefer quality and don’t hesitate in paying a price for it. However, by normal standards, it’s quite affordable considering the qualities it has in it. The TH-49CX7002 launched some time back, but honestly, it’s way ahead of the other brands in terms of what it offers. It is not your regular 4K TV, there is a lot more to it, which you’ll understand once you read this review and see the TV working for yourself.


It is interesting to note how models from the same manufacturers keep modifying every year. We have come a long way from those boxed televisions where you’d to squint to perceive the pictures. These days, the builds are extremely attractive to look at, and we all know the great feats they are capable of performing.

Product Features:

General Specification: The features of this model are numerous. Apart from the amazing LED technology that it comes with, there’s also a great 3D viewing feature, you can view all your BluRay content, using the 3D glasses that come with it. It doesn’t disappoint its plasma loyalists, as it ditches it for the future of smart TV, OLED. There is facial recognition software that senses when you walk in.


Sleek and stylish:

Panasonic has been very consistent in building really sleek and sexy TV models and the one we are concerned with checks that box. It is one of Panasonic’s best in terms of design. A thin chrome strip runs horizontally along the TV, which gives it a floating look like it’s not attached to anything below. The chrome band creates an aesthetic illusion. Heavy ballast is attached to the back of this screen and adds to its thickness at the back. The TV because of all the punches it packs is heavy but nothing two men can’t move around. And once you fix it, you wouldn’t move it around quite that often.

4k Ultra HD:

The display of this Model is so high-quality, that every nook and corner of the screen is detailed and extremely precise. With a mind-blowing resolution of 3840×2160, the colour, and exposure and pitch-perfect contrast can be felt like a vision into reality through the screen. The Quad-Core Pro Engine just boosts up the clarity.

IPS LED Super Bright Plus:

The Natural Crisp display throughout the wide view from every angle relative to the screen is because of the IPS LED Super Bright Plus.


Hexa Chrome Drive:

The TH-49CX700D has one of the brightest, sharpest and richest colour combinations which provide the user with the sense of utmost satisfaction.

Home Screen powered by Firefox OS:

With the help of Firefox Operating System, everything is within reach. Firefox provides an easy gateway to all the apps and the online goodies with efficiency and speed.

Quad-Core Pro:

This is one of the highest rated and the optimal Processor for high-end Smart televisions. The Octa-core process allows the user to switch to tasks and run all smart TV tasks together, smoothly.

Wide angle view:

Due to the unique design of the model, the viewing experience becomes better. The screen has been designed as such that it gives the viewers a wide angle view of what they are viewing. It makes the images almost jump out of the television onto your drawing room. The Bright Plus technology also helps you view colours that are vibrant, crisp and dynamic. Even though Panasonic moves away from their standard plasma TVs, this move to LED is a good one.

Premium features:

The weight is however because of the top class parts that are built into it. The model is good looking and will make your home more stylish. It has the premium hardware, which adds to its great performance. The LED is accompanied by a touch remote, 3D glasses and wand style remote as well.

Picture quality:

The high point of this model is its unbeatable display. It makes you feel like there is no screen between you and the virtual world. It’s not just a standard 4K model but delivers much more. Its USP is its high resolution. The colour range is great and images are sharp and bright. It truly lives up to its higher pixel promise.

The Pixel Density and unreal resolution are one of the strongest features. The display is quite bright, even when the brightness is set to normal. The colour accuracy is excellent so your browns don’t look washed down or your reds faded. The feature called Chroma Drive analyses the colours constantly giving you accurate colours without any fades. This is especially noticeable when a scene has shadows; you can see how immaculate the colours are even when the tone gets darker.

Sound quality:

There isn’t much to say about the sound, owing to the fact that it’s nothing out of the extraordinary. The normal Panasonic surrounds sound feature is available with this model as well. However, if you want a true theatre experience, we suggest you purchase the Panasonic speakers as well to ensure an overall experience. The speaker grills are located on both sides of the plasma.

When we the sound quality to check, we found out that even from far away, the sound is pretty clear. The sound is not distorted or humming, it’s a crystal clear sound. The best thing about this sound feature of Panasonic is that it fills the room, giving you a movie theatre like feel right inside your drawing room.


It has four HDMI ports and a Chrome sub-sampling. You can connect Wi-Fi or LAN, and it also comes with the Display Port input, which is rare. It also contains three USB ports, out of which one is a 3.0 USB and the other two are USB 2.0. It has got a composite and component video input as well as audio and headphone outputs.

Apart from the above-mentioned connectivity options, it has built-in LAN and Wi-Fi options. You could connect to various internet apps and also use your mouse or keyboard via Bluetooth.

Warranty and Service:

This Model of Panasonic TV has a manufacturer’s warranty of 1 year. However, in case any defects in the manufacturing or functioning of the product are found, you can get in touch with Panasonic Customer support or register a service request with online and an authorised technician from Panasonic will pay a visit and resolve the issue.

Price and availability:

This 49-inch Panasonic TV is priced at Rs. 1, 43,900 (MRP) and it is available online at HomeYantra. For some great offers and easy EMI, Options to buy this model, click here.


It is quite a great product as far as the viewing experience, great sound, 3D, ease of handling and the overall functionality of the model is concerned. The amazing picture quality with exceptional picture precision and beautiful fulfilling sound quality give you the state of the art television experience.

I would like to give this model 9 out of 10, because of the amazing features.

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