LG Washing Machine FH0B8NDL21


LG FH0B8NDL21 Washing Machine


Washing machines are one of those electronic goods which have made household work quite simple to a large extent. Washing clothes manually in today’s fast life is actually a tie consuming task and most of us are unable to devout that amount of time. Thanks to technology who has presented us with washing machines to make our lives simpler.

While our team genuinely feels this product to be quite useful, we are constantly looking out for that perfect washing machine to put our opinion about it for our readers.

Today we thought of shedding light on LG FH0B8Nl21 washing machine and review it to make decision making quite simpler for our readers. The washing machine has a washer capacity of 6kgs (which is quite big). We will see that as we move further down.

Product Description



Design wise LG FH0B8ND21 is quite simple and similar to LG FH0B8NDL25 except the fact that this model is white in colour with blue undertones to it. The outer material of the machine is made up of a sturdy plastic like material. It has a front loading system with a door diameter of 300mm. The door has a matte silver finish to it which gives a very chic and sophisticated look to the whole device. The door opens at 170 degrees angle.

The digital display and the wash program are designed or set just about the front door quite similar like LG FH0B8NDL25 and in the same the way a jog dial has also been placed to choose the wash programme as per one’s need. This machine too has anti-rat cover to prevent it from getting affected by the same. On the whole, there is not much difference between LG FH0B8ND21 and LG FH0B8NDL25 except the colour. With that, we can end on the design part with the note that design of the machine elegant enough to add an edgy look to the interiors of your house.


Feature-wise, our team has noticed that LG FH0B8NDL25 and LG FH0B8ND21 are quite same as well.

Some of the main features that this machine has to provide us are:

6 Motions DD


The 6 Motion technology has 6 different types of motion- scrubbing, rolling, stepping, swing, tumbling and filtration to make the task of washing more effective. Combined with the force of water and depending on the type of cloth and dirt level, the fabrics go through better cleaning session under different washing motion. This causes less damage to the clothes thereby cleaning them better with fewer tangles.

Inverter Direct Drive Technology


Now, this technology is all responsible to save energy thereby producing less noise and vibration with more durability. Now, how that takes place. Inverter Direct Drive Technology in LG machine enables the motor to directly connect to the drum without any belt or pulley. Thus, lesser mechanical parts ensure the least dissipation of energy.

Inverter Control


The system is responsible to generate fewer speed fluctuations and consumes the right amount of electricity which is needed at every step. Thus, a lot of energy and water is saved along with excellent washing performance.

Rinse Hold

This system allows the clothes to stay suspended in water without mingling into the spin mode. Before heading towards the spin mode, with the help of rinse hold cycle, you can actually go for an additional rinse cycle so as to remove any foul smell from the clothes and to maintain the freshness.

Baby Care

The baby care feature is hardly found out in any of the washing machines belonging to the other brands in the market. This is a unique whereby the water reaches a temperature of 95-degree Celsius which helps in killing all the enzymes and bacteria. It also gently cleans the clothes to maintain the softness and detergent residue is not found in the clothes.

Smart Diagnosis System


Lastly, this is one of the unique features of LG washing machine.  Thanks to teaming LG who has made service easier and smarter for the users. You can now literally skip on waiting for an engineer to come down and troubleshoot any problem that happens to take place on your machine. Simply dial the LG Customer Care Helpline and then place the phone on the application. The application will then go on to communicate with the computer that will look into the issue within seconds and provide an immediate solution.

Bonus Feature- Tub Clean

This feature is found in most of the machines by other brands as well. As we tend to use the washing machine on a regular basis, a lot of toxic and fungus substances start growing in the tub area. The tub clean technology makes use of hot stem with high spin speed to purify every corner of the tub that keeps the squeaky clean without any harmful bacteria in it.

Warranty and Support

Warranty Period- 1-year comprehensive warranty on product and 10 years on motor.

Support- You can contact LG Customer Care Service 24 hrs, 7 days a week, except national holidays @1800-315-9999 or 1800-180-9999.

Price and availability:

This LG Washing Machine FH0B8NDL21 has priced at Rs. 33990/-(MRP). It is available online at homeyantra.com. For offers and easy EMI, Options check here.


After going through all the features of LG FH0B8ND21 washing machine, we must say the device is a one-stop solution to your entire fabric cleaning problem. At this price, the features that are offered by the LG washing machine including their Baby Care and Smart Diagnosis feature definitely takes the award when compared to other washing machines coming from different brands with the same price. Thus, if you are looking for an affordable washing machine infused with updated technological features, then this is your answer.

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