Bosch KAN92LB35 Serie 8 American Fridge Freezer

Bosch KAN92LB35 Serie 8 American Fridge Freezer


Whenever we sit and look out for some of the top electronic brands, Bosch is one such brand which cannot be avoided.

Let us put it in this way, Bosch is one of the leading brands when it comes to technology and services covering a plethora of categories like Mobility Solutions, Industrial Technology, Consumer Goods, Energy and Building Technology.

Among all these, we picked up a household electronic good and that Bosch KAN92LB35 Serie 8 American Fridge Freezer which is, well, a gigantic appliance!!

Well, just like the name suggests, it is an American style refrigerator which has been split from the centre into fridge and freezer, a style quite rare in India. However, if you are planning to invest in this particular model from the house of Bosch, then here is a quick review from our end that might just give you a clear idea about the product before you make any investment.


Product Description

  • Door Type: Side By Side Door
  • Freezer Type: Top Freezer
  • Type: Frost Free
  • Actual Capacity: 592 litres
  • Freezer Lamp: Yes
  • Capacity: 501ltr-600ltr
  • Dimensions: 912 X 1756X 732 mm
  • Egg Tray: Yes
  • Ice-Tray: Yes




We just have three words to say in this case, ‘Classy, Sleek, and Suave’. Yes, we are that much in love with the design of this product. The black glass door along with Chrome Inox Metallic panel gives a very elegant finish to the fridge which just adds up to the modern aesthetic to your home. Overall, it gives a westernise look to the interiors of your home.  Plus, the minimalistic digital display enables the user for quick access without opening the device every single time.

Next, we shifted our attention to the interior design of this refrigerator. Well, firstly the electronic appliance is divided from the middle into freezer and fridge which is not quite available in India (as mentioned above). There are several shelves and drawers in the fridge, which actually helps in arranging the food uniformly without creating a mess.


The BigBox which is present in Bosch KAN92LB35 is an extra deep frozen food drawer which helps in stacking up a frozen food container or larger frozen items like gateaux or pizzas. Thus, if you are planning to throw a big party with loads of guests on your list, you can bet on this appliance to store all your food items. Apart from that, features like VitaFresh Plus and ChillerBox will make sure to keep the veggies and fruits fresh, crunchy and juicy including taking care of other food items like meat and fish.


Overall, the refrigerator has a capacity of 592 litres and the freezer alone has a capacity of 217 litres. Thus, one can easily store large or bulky items in the freezer for which you ought to thank the capacious shelves and the compartments.

Lastly, the interior of the fridge gets lit up by the LED light which is practically a new lighting concept for refrigerators. LED light will help in illuminating the interior with a soothing effect without eating up a lot of electricity and increasing your bill.



With all that being said about the design, why not let us talk about the features with which the appliance is infused with? Well, Bosch KAN92LB35 has some really impressive features which actually grabbed our attention. Check out the list below.



Let us start by thanking this feature called SuperFreezing which works at protecting frozen food from defrosting while adding new food to the freezer. Not just that, the new food freezes faster as well. The automatic freezing function returns to normal operation once the required temperature is reached and this quality helps in saving energy.



This can be termed as a smart feature of this refrigerator. Well, when you activate the SuperCooling function, food that’s just been kept in the fridge is cooled more quickly. At the same time, it stops food already in the fridge from warming up. How can you do this? Simply push the button pushing to 2°C (which is the lowest) to reduce the temperature. However, approximately after 6 hours, the function will automatically switch back to prevent excessive power consumption.


The NoFrost feature is all responsible to collect the humidity in the air in the central fin evaporator rather than building up in the appliance or on the foods. The chiller is responsible for drawing out the warmth of the freezer area and automatically defrosts from time to time. The resultant condensation is taken to the surface and volatilizes using the compressor warmth in a unique collecting pan. Thus, humidity in the appliance is lowered which means that almost no ice forms.

Multi-Airflow System:


If you are looking for an even flow of cold air in your refrigerator, then Bosch is here with a superb solution. The fan-assisted MultiAirflow System causes mild, even flow of cold air which emerges at all levels of the chilling and freezing area. Temperature inconstancies are minimised and cooling time reduces which will help your foods to grasp their flavour for longer.


The innovative VitaFresh cooling tech keeps fresh food fresh for up to 3 times longer. Within the VitaFresh sections, there are two air humidity zones namely the dry VitaFresh Zone and Moist VitaFresh Zone. The dry one is apt for storing sausage, cheese, meat, and fish. On the other hand, the moist area provides an excellent environment for fruit and veggies, thereby ensuring that the freshness, flavour and nutritional value are locked for longer.



Take a bow to the Eco-Mode function of this appliance which helps at adjusting the fridge to an economical chilling temperature. Go ahead and push the button without thinking twice.

Holiday Mode:

Turn on your vacation mood by turning on the Holiday mode. When the function is activated, the temperature in the fridge section is set to approx. +14°C and in the freezer approx. −18°C, which royally protects all your frozen foods and prevents energy wastage while you can enjoy with full energy in the holiday destination.


Warranty & Support

Warranty: 1-year warranty


Price & Availability

The Bosch KAN92LB35 has priced Rs. 154900 (MRP).

It is available @ HomeYantra. For further offers and EMI, you can check here.


Our Verdict

Team HomeYantra is absolutely impressed by Bosch KAN92LB35, not just by its look (though we cannot get enough of it) but also by its features. This huge refrigerator which is slit from the middle with a westernise look to it is quite an eye-catcher. Not just that, its features like SuperFrezeeing, SuperCooling, VitaFresh, to name a few are perfect to keep your food all fresh, juicy, crunchy and full of flavours. Also, not to forget the space it has to offer to store a huge amount of food items in the fridge as well the freezer to keep you ready for any big occasion. Thus, we feel this product is great if you have to store a lot of eatables and also if your house is spacious enough. However, if you are low on budget or have a medium sized home or even if you do not store a huge amount of eatables in the fridge, then you can easily give a pass to this appliance.

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