Panasonic TH-60C300DX TV


Panasonic TH-60C300DX


While all this while, we were completely into reviewing the 4K UHD Smart TVs coming from various brands, today we decided to change our route and review a Full HD LED TV from Panasonic. Of course, 4K UHD TV is the smarter version of this TV, however, let us not rule out the fact that everybody is willing to spend a lot on a TV set. Again, some might not feel the need of all the features which a 4K UHD TV comes with, therefore they will rather prefer investing in a Full HD LED TV.

Today we thought of reviewing Panasonic TH-60C300DX Full HD LED TV which is priced Rs.159900 and has a 60-inch screen. So, what are the specifications of this TV? We shall find it out in the write-up further down.


Product Description

  • Screen Size: 60-inches
  • Display resolution: Full HD with 1920 X1080 Resolution
  • Total speaker power output rms: 20 W Audio Output
  • Connectivity input: 3 HDMI and 2 USB Slot



Panasonic TH-60C300DX is a sleek and smart looking black TV which has been designed to suit the modern design of your home. You can mount it on the wall or make it stand on its silver pedestals on a TV stand. Whatever you choose, the TV is sure to add elegance to your living room. Moreover, the 60-inch size TV screen fits anywhere quite easily which further doubles up the user experience.


Picture Quality


The picture of this TV, well, of course, will not be as good as 4K UHD Smart TVs, however, with a resolution of 1920 X1080 and a screen size of 60-inches, the picture quality can be termed as pretty good. Yes, when compared to other HD TVs, the picture quality of this TV is crisp and clear. Thanks to IPS LED technology and 100Hz Backlight Blinking, it gives you even more vibrant picture quality with the right amount of brightness. However, dark scenes might not appear as clear as the coloured scenes which we will term as a downside of maximum HD LED TVs. When viewed from an angle, the picture keeps the potential to appear little bit greyish, however, it is not something that will bother the user.


Sound Quality

The Panasonic TH-60C300DX 152 cm (60) Full HD LED Television comes with two Dolby Digital speakers each of 10W which will provide you with rich and booming sound. You can increase or decrease the sound as per your requirement. We also noticed that the sound did not break as we increased the volume, however it did become tad unclear which again can be avoided. Apart from that, the television features Dot Noise Reduction which is responsible to give you a better experience of sound along with visuals. It also has a surround sound feature that will immerse the viewers into a whole new world of experience by surrounding them with the rich sound quality from all the sides. Thus, we are quite happy with the sound quality of this TV as most of the HD TVs do not come with this good sound quality.



The TV has quite a few features and we will go through the features in the list below.

  • 100 Hz Backlight Blinking feature brings out each and every detail with a crystal clear clarity.
  • Full HD screen makes TV viewing experience as good as watching it in a theatre along with a decent picture and sound quality.
  • Dot Noise Reduction which is a special feature is incorporated in this set that has been designed to give you a better experience of sound along with visuals.
  • IPS LED technology is responsible for giving you a vibrant and clear picture quality along with the right amount of brightness and exceptional viewing from an angle.
  • In this television, you will also come across many pre-installed games that you can play when not watching movies or cable. Apart from the games, there are several other applications such as sleep timer and internet browsing.
  • As a bonus, the TV also has a Power Saving Mode which will help you in saving an enormous amount of power and money. The standby consumption is 0.5 Watt.



Since it is not a smart TV, it lacks connectivity features like easy screening or mirroring which are very common in a 4K UHD TV. Also, you will not find apps to suit your lifestyle. However, the TV has 3 HDMI ports, 2 USB ports, and one PC input. These ports on this Panasonic TH-60C300DX are to allow you to connect it to your laptop or set-top box. It also enables you to connect your USB devices such as pen drive or external hard drives to play movies and other media. You can also carry out your official work and surf the internet on this TV.


Warranty & Support

Warranty: 1-year warranty

However, in case any defects in the manufacturing or functioning of the product are found during its Lifecycle, you can get in touch with Panasonic Customer support. You can also register a service request with online and an authorized technician from the brand will visit and resolve the issue.


Price & Availability

Panasonic TH-60C300DX is priced Rs.159900 and you can find it at HomeYantra. Apart from that, if you need any further information about offers and EMI, then you can click here.



Well, the TV has all the important features that a FULL HD LED TV is entitled to have. We are quite happy with the sound quality and have a love-hate relationship with the picture quality. Apart from that, the power saving mode is a bonus which will help you to save a lot of energy and money. However, we do feel that the TV is a bit pricey given the fact that it is a normal HD LED TV and not a Smart TV. If you can send a bit more, you’ll be easily able to by a 4K UHD TV. However, if you feel this TV suits all your needs as an HD TV, then you can go for this TV without any second thought.

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