Expert Review- Samsung 55 inch Full HD LED TV 55M5570

Samsung 55 inch Full HD LED TV 55M5570

Samsung Full HD LED TV 55M5570 is a revolutionary HD TV with all the important features from the house of Samsung. This smart TV has been priced Rs.129500 which has a screen display of 55-inches and is a thin black TV. Furthermore, the TV has a gamut of features for a better user experience. So, today our team has decided to pick this candidate for a review session so as to find out whether this TV deserves a place in your home.


Product Description

  • Screen Size: 55-inches
  • Display resolution: Full HD with 1920 X1080 Resolution
  • Total speaker power output RMS: 20 W Audio Output
  • Connectivity input: 3 HDMI and 2 USB Slot



Samsung 55 inch Full HD LED TV is the perfect example of minimal design with the right of sophistication that will pair up well with the image2modern aesthetic of your living room. It is a sleek black TV with a 55-inch polished and thin gun-metal bezel that lifts up the look of the TV. Also, the silver legs which support the TV ooze out elegance for a classy appearance. The connectivity options of the TV are placed on the side panel of the TV which does not come in sight, thereby keeping the elegance intact. With the thin frame bordering the TV, the screen appears to be larger and it does not disturb the viewing session of the audience. The TV in itself is a work of art and maintains a nice balance with the modern living room.


Picture Quality



Starting with the picture quality of the Samsung 55 inch Full HD LED TV, we are astonished by the superior picture quality. After reviewing a series of 4K UHD TVs, when we hit on this TV we felt the picture quality was almost same or maybe a tad less than that. However, we are quite impressed by the way it displays on the screen. With a resolution of 1920 X1080, the TV will present you with a vivid and realistic image. You’ll see every curve and detail in the picture coming alive, almost like a 4K UHD TV. Now, that is quite not expected from a Full HD TV.




Coming to our testing session, we had to do a teeny-weeny amount of adjustments with the contrast, brightness, and redness of the picture experience a soothing picture quality. The TV has some noteworthy features like Ultra Clean View (for a crystal clear image), Contrast Enhancer (for a killer depth to various areas on the screen), Micro-Dimming Pro (for deeper blacks and spotless whites), and PurColour technology (for rich and vibrant colour). In addition, we also felt that the 55-inch large screen made the viewing experience class apart. Hence, get ready to drown yourself in a pool of intense hues and crisp details with Samsung 55M5570 Full HD Smart LED TV.

The only con we faced with the TV was viewing it from a different angle which made the picture appear greyish. Well, this is a very common problem with almost all the Samsung LED TVs, which might be a big turn-off but is definitely a con.


Sound Quality

After a sweet treat for our eyes, it was time to treat our ears. A TV without a good sound quality is quite like a ‘home without a veranda’. First of all, the TV comes with two in-built speakers with a sound output of 20Watts and Bass Reflex technology. Furthermore, with Dolby Digital Plus technology, you’ll feel the rich sound wrapping you from all the corners. While we increased the volume, we did not notice any breaking of the sound. It rather came out pretty crisp and clear. Also, thanks to the Bass Reflex feature due to which our ears were welcomed with impressive low-end sound with great clarity. Thus, compared to the price we felt the sound quality was almost like a high-end TV set.



Samsung 55M5570 Full HD Smart LED TV has a series of features which are noteworthy and as a result, it completes the TV in every possible way. Continue reading below to gather knowledge about the features of this TV.


Crystal Clear Image




Treat your eyes to a clear picture quality with Ultra Clean View technology. What is the primary work of this technology? This smart tech works at examining original content under the guidance of an advanced algorithm. As a result, it gives a premium quality picture with less deformity and soothing for our eyes.

Catch every Curve and Depth

There is no fun in watching flat images on the screen. However, the tables have turned with Samsung 55M5570 due to their unique Contrast Enhancer feature. This feature throws the required dose of depth at to several areas of the screen at various levels. Consequently, it brings life to the flat images which make watching this TV a thrilling experience.

Game of Black and White

The Micro Dimming Pro, just like its name is a pro at providing us with richer blacks and classic whites. Like a genius, it divides the screen into several zones and interprets each zone for an accurate shadow detail and colour true to its nature.

Bring Nature Home


With PurColour technology, you can now bring home the most natural form of colour with this TV. The PurColour technology will provide a picture quality with rich and vibrant colour display, almost drowning you in the pool of intense yet natural colour.

Bigger Screen, Better Experience

Get the hands-on benefit of sharing your mobile content to your TV and viewing those contents on a larger screen. Simply, connect the mobile to the TV for a better user experience. Furthermore, with the help Smart View app, you’ll be able to control everything with ease from your mobile.

One Screen, Various Contents


Like any smart TV, Samsung Full HD Led TV will enable you to browse across a plethora of contents on one screen. Thanks to the One Depth feature, which brings all the contents in one place and allows checking out the thumbnail previews before taking the final call?

Quick Detection

This is one of the most noteworthy features of Samsung Full HD Led TV. Samsung TV displays names of all the devices which are connected to the TV. As a result, it becomes easier for the user to recognize the connected devices and choose accordingly.




Finally, we have reached the connectivity feature of Samsung 55 inch Full HD Led TV and being a smart TV, there is an array of connectivity options. First of all, we will start with the remote of this TV. With this TV, you get one remote which will enable you to control all the connected devices. Hence, you’ll get rid of handling multiple remotes. Also, connect with your TV with the help of your voice. Simply, command your TV the desired programme you wish to watch and your TV will set itself on the mission to obey your order. Therefore, no longer will you require flipping through channels again.


You can also connect your mobile devices to this TV for the purpose of viewing the contents on a bigger screen with better picture quality. In addition, you can also connect any external media device like a USB to watch all your favorite movies, playing music or watching images. What’s more? If you are addicted to playing games, then encounter a fun gaming time. Samsung Full HD Led TV comes with three HDMI ports that let you connect your gaming consoles with ease for a fun time with your friends and family.

Warranty & Support

Warranty: 1-year comprehensive manufacturer warranty from Samsung

However, in case any defects in the manufacturing or functioning of the product are found during its Lifecycle, you can get in touch with Samsung Customer support. You can also register a service request with HomeYantra online and an authorized technician from brand will visit and resolve the issue


Price & Availability

Samsung 55 inch Full HD Led TV is priced Rs.129500 (MRP) and is available In case you wish to gather more information, then feel free to visit here.


Wrap Up

The Good: Of course, the best part about this TV is the stunning picture quality, followed by the connectivity options and sound quality. The TV has all the necessary features that a smart TV should have compared to the price that one has to pay.

The Bad: The first bad point we came across when we watched the TV from an angle and the picture appeared grey with blue undertones. Second, we felt the sound quality of the TV could have been better if you intend to play music in a bigger room.

Bottom Line:

Samsung 55 inch full HD LED TV is a complete package with great picture quality and decent sound quality (if not great) and features when compared to the price of the TV. If we overlook the small drawbacks of this TV, then it is worth a shot and it definitely deserves a place in your living room.


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