Samsung 55 inch Full HD Flat Smart TV UA55K5570AUMXL

 Samsung 55 inch Full HD Flat Smart TV

Samsung 55 inch Full HD Flat Smart TV UA55K5570AUMXL

Samsung 55 inch Smart TV UA55K5570AUMXL is yet another creation of class and sophistication coupled with some unique features for a great user experience. Samsung 55 inch Smart TV Price in India has been set Rs.127900. However, none knows whether this TV is worth the price and whether one should consider buying them. Our team is all set today to throw some light on this TV and review it for our readers, to un-confuse theirs regarding the same.


Product Description

Screen Size: 55-inch

Display resolution:  Full HD with 1920 X1080 Resolution

Total speaker power output RMS:  20 W Audio Output

Connectivity input:  3 HDMI and 2 USB Slot




The design of Samsung UA55K5570AUMXL is almost same as Samsung 55M5570, which definitely adds a lot of elegance to your living room. The design does the much-needed justice to aesthetic of your living room, thereby giving you a better viewing experience. The TV has 55-inch huge screen is a black sleek TV with a gun-metal thin frame bordering the TV from all the sides. The TV has a very light airy appearance which if you hang on the wall, will look like it is floating in the air. In addition to this, the classy silver legs look classy yet sturdy enough to take the weight of the TV for a sufficient amount of support. Overall, the design of the TV is apt to lit up your living room by adding an edge to it.


Picture Quality


Like any other review session, we will start with the picture quality of Samsung 55 inch Smart TV. Well, no sooner did we switch on the TV when we found out that the picture quality is brilliant. In fact, when we compared it with a 4K UHD TV, we found the picture quality to be almost same which worth the praise. The TV with a 55-inch screen has a display resolution of 1920 X1080, looks like it is squeezing out the colour from the screen, it is that rich. Samsung’s wide colour enhancer automatically adjusts the colour of the picture (thanks to the superior algorithm), hence allowing us to view a vibrant picture quality.

Furthermore, the Micro Dimming Pro exceptionally produces deeper black and snowy whites, thereby bringing out the finest details in the picture for a better viewing experience. Also, Samsung 55 inch Smart TV adds the punch of much-needed drama to the picture, by adding depth to different parts of the picture on the screen. It makes the picture quality more realistic and even the flattest portions get a depth. To act as a ‘cherry on the cake’, the Ultra Clean technology works at delivering the crispest and clear picture quality ever (in terms of Full HD TV). The most noteworthy part of our test was that the TV did not require any colour or brightness adjustment separately.


We also decided to check how the TV holds up when it came to delivering fast motioned pictures. The infusion of Motion rate 60 delivers a crackling fast-moving video content without even a tad flicker. Thanks to the backlight technology and superior refresh rate which will keep you thrilled throughout the session.


Sound Quality

Next, we focussed on the sound quality of this TV. To start with, Samsung UA55K5570AUMXL comes with two speakers of 20W sound output in total. First of all, the sound output is not as good as the picture quality but can be termed as decent. We did not come across cracking of sound when we increased the volume; rather it came out quite clear and smooth. However, the low-end quality was a tad unclear which rather a turn off for us (when compared to the price). Thanks to Dolby Digital Plus and Wallmount Sound Mode which is the sole reason the decent sound quality of this TV.



Samsung Full HD TV UA55K5570AUMXL has a plethora features which is enough to live up the expectations from a Full HD smart TV. Hence, let us go down the lane to know more about these features.

  • Come across clear and crisp picture quality with Ultra Clean View technology. This smart tech interprets the content with the help of a unique algorithm for a clear picture quality by reducing noise. Therefore, enjoy FHD quality picture even from a non-FHD source.
  • Samsung 55 inch Smart TV colour enhancer will allow you to experience rich and vibrant picture quality. It brings out the true nature of the colour without making it look flat.


  • Put your hands up for deeper blacks and pure whites with the help of Micro Dimming Pro technology. It is a clever tech which works at producing a dramatic picture quality for a thrilling experience. Furthermore, deeper contrast brings a lively feel to the image, even the flattest ones.
  • Experience a faster and smoother working of the TV, with the help of powerful Quad-Core processor. It makes your TV more efficient towards accepting commands and executing them smoothly. It also gives you the speed to enjoy multitasking with the multi-link screen. Furthermore, your Smart TV performance will be doubled up with the help Tizen. It will enable you to get a faster access to live TV and your favourite apps. In addition, it also supports popular local VOD apps for optimised viewing.


  • Say hello to Samsung Smart View app which will give you an amazing connectivity experience with your personal devices like mobiles, tablets, and laptops. As a result, you will end up watching all your favourite contents from your personal device on the big screen.
  • Continuing with connectivity feature, you will thank Samsung for the built-in wireless LAN that will let you connect your smart TV to the internet. Furthermore, you will get rid of the tangling cables and enjoy the outstanding design of the TV.


  • Lastly, create your own space for entertainment with the HDMI inputs, supported by Samsung 55 inch Smart TV. Connect it directly to your TV to view various contents from multiple sources.




Finally, we are entering in a land of connections provided by Samsung UA55K5570AUMXL and before we proceed any further, we have to admit the connectivity features are superb.

First of all, we tested the mirroring property of this TV by connecting it our Android phone. We were rather impressed by how smoothly the connection and worked equally well. Also, the built-in wireless LAN allowed the TV to connect to the internet smoothly and we actually browsed various contents with ease. Next, we made use of the connect share property of this TV. We plugged in a USB into the TV to watch a movie. The picture quality of stunning and connecting was hassle steps were not complicated. Lastly, comes the HDMI connection which is supported by this TV. Though we did not test this, however, we are pretty sure this feature will work good as much as other features (you can trust us on this). Samsung UA55K5570AUMXL has 3 HDMI and 2 USB slots in total.


Warranty & Support

Warranty: 1-year comprehensive manufacturer warranty from Samsung

However, in case any defects in the manufacturing or functioning of the product are found during its Lifecycle, you can get in touch with Samsung Customer support. You can also register a service request with HomeYantra online and an authorized technician from the brand will visit and resolve the issue.


Price & Availability

Samsung 55 inch Smart TV Price in India has been set Rs.127900 and is available You can gather more information about offers and EMI by click here.

Our Verdict

The GOOD: Everything about this TV is excellent. We give a big thumbs up to the picture quality, to the classy design and the series of connectivity option that the TV provides its users.

The BAD: As such, we did not come across anything to kill our love for this TV. However, we felt the sound quality compared to the other qualities mentioned above is a bit low on the standard. However, it is not that bad to that will make you regret investing in this product.

The Bottom Line: We love this TV, is the basic bottom line. Nothing in this TV really made us feel that one has to think twice before buying it. The TV definitely deserves a place in your living room as it looks super classy along with excellent performance. We give a thumbs up to this TV and will advise getting hold of one if you are finding something in this price range.





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