Expert Review: Panasonic Fully Automatic (Front Load) Washing Machine NA-F127MB1W01


 Panasonic Fully Automatic (Front Load) Washing Machine


Panasonic Front Load Washing Machine series is a range of new sets of the washing machine which has been launched in the recent times. As we know, Panasonic is one of the most leading brands in the market when it comes to providing consumer goods, most of which has worked amazingly by providing best user experience. Thus, today we are all set to put down Panasonic Front Load Washing Machine Review, namely Samsung NA-F127MB1W01. It is a fully automatic washing machine with a front door loading system and has a holding capacity of 6kg. So, is it worth buying this machine for Rs.32500? We shall find it out in the review section below.

Product Description

  • Washing capacity text: 6 Kg Washing Capacity
  • Washing method text: Tumble Wash for Superior Wash Quality,
  • Number of wash programs text: 16 wash programs for different Washing requirements
  • Maximum spin speed: 1200 RPM for Efficient Drying


On a usual note, we will start Panasonic Front Load Washing Machine Review by focussing on the design of this machine. Now, let us tell you the design of this machine is same as previous washing machines from this series. We are not quite happy about that as we were expecting something more.

Now coming to the design of this machine, the machine gas a snowy white body with black front door and white handle. We quite like the body of the machine which is quite sturdy, however, if the black door was replaced by a silver matte finish door, it would have looked way more classy. The centre portion of the front door is translucent (like any other front load machine) through which you’ll be able to see the working of the machine. Moving above the door, you’ll be welcomed with a classy chrome dial and a digital display screen. While we tested the chrome dial, we found it quite easy to rotate which will help you to set a particular wash programme. Also, the digital display screen will help you with further settings and will keep you updated about the wash cycle.


Moving to the interior of the machine, the drum which has a holding capacity of 6kg is made of stainless steel. As a result, the fear of fungus growth or rust and corrosion is eliminated. Also, the front door has a wide inlet system, which will help you to load and unload a huge amount of fabric in one go.


Panasonic Front Load Washing Machine has quite a few features which are unique on its own while delivering the best possible user experience. So let us see what the most noteworthy features of this washing machine are.

Laundry Care at its Best: Discover the revolutionary 3-way washboard lift mechanism which works at delivering the best washing performance by saving time, energy and water. The Aquabeat Wash tech thoroughly removes dirt from the fibre. Furthermore, it does even allow the dirt to re-attach to the clothes.


3D Power: Panasonic NA-F127MB1W01 studies the movement of the drum in each dimension with the help of 3D Sensor Wash. As a result, it optimizes the motor speed for the best washing performance.


Resume the Wash Cycle: The smart feature, Auto Start picks up the wash cycle where exactly it has stopped. By this, we mean that if there happens to be a power cut while your machine is performing, the performance will resume from where exactly it had stopped once the power comes back. Consequently, repetition of the entire wash cycle will be eliminated.

Safety First: It is absolutely important to take care of your machine apart from using it judiciously. Therefore, to save your machine from sudden voltage fluctuation, Panasonic has designed their Voltage Control Feature. This feature shields the machine against a high level of shock or lower voltage, as a result providing a balanced voltage control.

Quick and Efficient: Most of us in today’s world are always in a hurry and have a tightly scheduled life. This, in turn, leaves us with no time to do our household works like our laundry. Panasonic Front Load Washing Machine NA-F127MB1W01 has a smart feature called the Quick Wash. This feature is responsible to do your laundry in 15 minutes without compromising on the performance.


Warranty & Support

Warranty: 10 Years on the Motor

However, in case any defects in the manufacturing or functioning of the product are found during its Lifecycle, you can get in touch with Panasonic Customer support. You can also register a service request with HomeYantra online and an authorized technician from brand will visit and resolve the issue

Price & Availability

Panasonic Front Load Washing Machine NA-F127MB1W01 will cost you Rs.32500/- (MRP) and is available If you need any further information related to offers and EMI, feel free to click here.

Our Verdict

The Good: The good part of the machine is the price (Rs.32500/-), which is quite pocket-friendly on the whole. When the price of the machine is compared to the features that the machine provides, it takes the second place in this section. We especially loved the features Quick Wash, 3D Sensor Wash and Aquabeat Wash which makes washing in this machine more fun and easy.

The Bad: We are not quite happy with the design of the machine. Though the machine belongs to one series, we feel Panasonic can come up with some new quirks in their design to make the product look more attractive.

The Bottom-line:  Well, Panasonic Front Load Washing Machine NA-F127MB1W01 is a decent product overall with some unique features to give you with the best laundry experience at this price. Though the design of the machine is tad boring, when it comes to the performance the machine is quite efficient. Therefore, if you are finding something in this price range then you can give a thought about this machine.

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