All you need to know about Hitachi RWB-550PND2GBK French Style Refrigerator


 Hitachi French Style Refrigerator




After a long time, we have decided to review a refrigerator from the house of Hitachi, namely Hitachi RWB-550PND2GBK Refrigerator which is French style refrigerator with three doors. With a holding capacity of the fridge is 510ltr and LED display on the surface of the door, the fridge is priced Rs.83000/-. It is a frost free refrigerator with is combined with a couple of unique features. Thus, we will review the refrigerator and let you know whether you should move ahead buying this product.


Product Description

  • Capacity: 510ltr
  • Type: French bottom
  • Door Type: Side-by-Side
  • Freezer Type: Bottom Freezer





The Hitachi RWB-550PND2GBK is a three-door refrigerator with a holding capacity of 510ltr, a tad lesser than the refrigerators we have reviewed earlier. Well, to start with is a French style refrigerator with three doors, two side-by-sides and one at the bottom. The refrigerator showcases elegance with its sleek and smart look. The three-door feature is not only high on utility but also add a dash of style to your kitchen. The refrigerator has a glossy black finish with the infusion of a classy handle to amp up the complete look.

Moving inside the refrigerator, there are 4 shelves in the fridge which are made of tempered glass. The best part is these shelves are heatproof and scratchproof, hence reducing the chances of getting damaged. Furthermore, the shelves are so strong that they can hold up to 100kg of weight which is yet another cool feature. Thus, you can freely keep your food items without the fear of breaking the shelves. In addition, there are large bottle shelves as well that will help you in storing big bottles of water or beverages. The ice tray can be twisted as well as movable.



Lastly, the fridge is light up with LED lights with beautifully brighten up the interior thereby sucking less energy. Design wise, we quite like the refrigerator. Let us check out how much potential it keeps to impress us with its features.



After putting down sufficient information about the design of the refrigerator, it is time to focus on the features. Hence, let us check out what Hitachi RWB-550PND2GBK refrigerator has to provide us with the given price.

Selectable Mode Compartment


This is a unique feature of Hitachi refrigerator, where you can adjust the temperature of each compartment by switching between the Dairy/Meat and Vegetable modes. How does it work? Well, there is a lever on each side of the compartment which will enable you to select any mode based on the type of food. Hence, you will always get the best out of your food.

Dual Fan Cooling


The Dual Fan Cooling system encourages separate cooling for both the freezer and the refrigerator. It quickly circulates the cool air across the entire refrigerator with the help of inverter operation. Hence, you will experience a better cooling of your refrigerator.

Inverter Control

We all know that a refrigerator is one such household electronic good which operates day and night. Therefore, the inverter is considered t be the brain of the refrigerator. The cooling refrigerator works at adjusting the cooling power to provide exceptional cooling and a lot of energy saving. Therefore, Hitachi refrigerator works at satisfying all your needs.

Eco Thermo Sensor

This technology is solely dedicated to providing an accurate level of cooling for maximum energy saving.

Touch Screen Controller



Hitachi refrigerators are always up to make our lives simple with their innovative technology. The Touch Screen Controller is beautifully incorporated on the surface of the door which will help you to change the settings with just a simple touch. Thus, you will get the benefit of controlling your refrigerator without even opening the door. Furthermore, you will find the surface tempered that will help you in cleaning with just a wipe.

Nano Titanium Filter

Most of us have experienced quite a few times the problem of bad odour in the refrigerator. However, now say goodbye to such odour problem with the Nano Titanium Filter technology. This tech immediately eliminates even the petite size of bacteria and deodorizes the air to knock out any foul odour.

Mouldproof Door Gasket

Hitachi Mouldproof Door Gasket is a unique feature which makes it easy to clean the fridge thereby keeping it healthy and preventing the food from getting contaminated.


Warranty & Support

Warranty: 1-year comprehensive manufacturer warranty on Refrigerator and 10 years warranty on compressor from Hitachi.

However, in case any defects in the manufacturing or functioning of the product are found during its Lifecycle, you can get in touch with Hitachi Customer support. You can also register a service request with HomeYantra online and an authorized technician from the brand will visit and resolve the issue.


Price & Availability

Hitachi RWB-550PND2GBK, a 510ltr refrigerator is priced Rs.83000/- (MRP) and is easily available at For further information about offers and EMI, feel free to click here.



The GOOD: We will start with the good point and to be honest, we quite like the design of the fridge compared to the price it charges. It looks classy with huge space to keep your food items well-organised inside the fridge. The bottom door system is what makes the design of the refrigerator quite unique, along with the tempered shelves. Also, some of the features are quite unique which makes the fridge worth the amount.

The BAD: We did not find anything bad about the refrigerator. It has all the necessary features to fulfil your needs. Neither can we point out flaws in the performance, design or the features of the fridge.

The Bottom-Line: We believe that the refrigerator which is priced Rs.83000/- coupled with great design and useful features are a complete steal for you. It has all the best features and will also prove to be quite light on your pocket. Therefore, if you are already making plans to buy the refrigerator, you can definitely move forward with the plan and purchase the same.


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