Expert Review: Everything you need to know about Samsung RS55K5010S9 Refrigerator

 Samsung RS55K5010S9 American style Refrigerator



Today we are all set to review yet another Samsung American style refrigerator with a side-by-side door design and a holding capacity of 591ltr. Samsung RS55K5010S9 refrigerator is undoubtedly a huge refrigerator which is unbelievably spacious for your convenience. It is a frost free refrigerator which has been priced Rs.90590/-. So, is this refrigerator worth the amount? We shall find it out on the blog below.

Product Description

  • Capacity: 591ltr
  • Type: American Style
  • Door Type: Side-by-Side
  • Freezer Type: Top freezer
  • Defrost Type: Frost Free




We are starting this review session by focussing on the design of this fridge. Well, the first thing we noticed was that the fridge did not look much different from that of other refrigerators. It is an American style, side-by-side door refrigerator with a silver body that has a proper term given by Samsung called Refined Inox. The refrigerator has the minimal design which will ooze elegance whichever space you choose to place it. It has recessed handle which hides the sharp edges and the hinges, hence giving a sleek look to it. To double up the game of handle, there is a beautiful LED display on the handle which illuminates starry blue light to keep you informed about the internal temperature of the fridge. Not just that, you can also go for furthermore settings without opening the fridge.


Now, moving into the fridge which has a holding capacity of 591ltr, you can understand it is a huge fridge. You can evenly organise all the food items and can reach out to them without much difficulty. There are the number of shelves, compartments and boxes that will help you with organising the food items. There are special compartments in the fridge like the Fruit Crisper and the Dairy Guard (where you can keep extra gallons of milk) that will guide you how to store your eatables. It also has an interesting Twist Ice Maker which will help you to dispense the ice with just a twist.


If you have a bad of forgetting to shut the refrigerator door or some reason you might fail to shut the door properly, then there is a door alarm that will notify you the same. This way you will incur less electricity bill as the door will not remain open for long no matter what. The design of the fridge, on the whole, is quite elegant as usual; however, we were expecting the elegance to come with something new in the design. Apart from that, the interior of the refrigerator is enlightened with the help of LED lights both in the freezer and the fridge area so that you can find your eatables easily. Furthermore, you’ll face less electricity bill and save more energy.




Samsung RS55K5010S9 refrigerator has the common features which you have already come across the refrigerators from this range. However, if you are new and do not have much idea, here we are to help you guide the features of this product. Check them out below.

Sensors that are Smarter


Samsung RS55K5010S9 refrigerator is infused with a smart sensor technology which maintains the temperature of the refrigerator. It is the 9 Sensors which keeps a check on the temperature and humidity, bother internally and externally. it also keeps a track of your pattern of the refrigerator to prevent any damage. In addition, Digital Inverter Compressor is encouraged to optimise the settings rather than going through a repeated activity of stopping and re-starting the refrigerator. Hence, healthy food and less electricity bill are what you get.

Not a Regular Compressor


Samsung’s Digital Inverter Compressor is quite different from the conventional compressors which are only responsible to start and stop. This one, however, has 7 adjustable speeds. As a result, these adjustable speeds have been designed to suit different cooling requirements, reducing the damage for an outstanding durability and less noise. Furthermore, treat yourself to less electricity bill and the benefit of the 10-year warranty.

Best of Both Worlds


Samsung refrigerators have a unique technology called the Twin Cooling System. The tech uses two separate air flows and accurate temperature control. This, in turn, works at maintaining an optimum level of humidity separately in the freezer and the refrigerator. Thus, there happens to be no mixing of food odours and all you’ll get is a set of fresh food.

Powerful Cooling and Freezing

Samsung RS55K5010S9 has two features, namely Power Cool and the Power Freeze features. Though both are different, we decided to club under one heading. The Power Cool feature quickly chills the food with just one touch of the button. It blows a gush of cold air to temporarily reduce the inside temperature to 1 °C.

On the other hand, the Power Freeze technology will give you ice-cubes within few minutes, in case of an emergency. With just a push of the button, your freezer will work faster to give you ice the convenient way.

Just Your Fingertips

There is an external LED display with a beautiful blue glow that will keep you updated about the internal activities of the refrigerator. The display will notify you about changing the filter or you can even set the refrigerator to Vacation Mode when you head for the holiday. Hence, now you can operate your refrigerator even without opening the doors.

The Crisper


The Fruit Crisper is a special section in the refrigerator where you can keep fruits, veggies or even cheese. The best part about this counter is that you will love the height as it will stop you from bending over and you’ll find it easier to get hold of your favourite eatables.

Warranty & Support

Warranty: 1-year comprehensive manufacturer warranty on Refrigerator and 10 years warranty on compressor from Samsung

However, in case any defects in the manufacturing or functioning of the product are found during its Lifecycle, you can get in touch with Samsung Customer support. You can also register a service request with online and an authorized technician from the brand will visit and resolve the issue.

Price & Availability

Samsung side by side refrigerator price in India has been set Rs.90590 and is available You can gather further information about offers and EMI from here.

Our Verdict

The Good: Most importantly we appreciate the price of the refrigerator which is Rs.90590/- and the number of features it provides us at this price is worth the praise. We love how the refrigerator performs as we tested few features like Power Cool and Power Freeze and were quite impressed by it. Another fact that has attracted us the most is the blue LED display of the refrigerator which is quite easy to use as per your need. Also, you get to save a lot of energy, thanks to Digital Inverter Compressor. Thus, the majority part of this refrigerator is good.

The Bad: Nothing about this refrigerator can be termed as bad. However, as we have mentioned earlier we were expecting from new in terms of design from the house of Samsung. The design is quite similar to the earlier American style refrigerators; therefore a tad difference is always welcome and appreciated.

The Bottom-line: If you are finding a refrigerator within this price range, you should definitely get this one right away. It will serve all your needs along with adding a dash of elegance to your kitchen. It has the much-needed space that will help you store your food smoothly rather than cluttering them in one place. Apart from that, you will face lower electricity bill which is one of the biggest benefits of buying this refrigerator. Therefore, you can definitely think of purchasing this refrigerator if you want to go light in your pocket.

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