Product Review: IFB Front Load Washing Machine ELENA AQUA STEAM


IFB Front Load Washing Machine ELENA AQUA STEAM


IFB Front Load Washing Machine ELENA AQUA STEAM is a new member of our list and we have not actually reviewed any IFB product as yet. IFB is yet another well-known brand with some great electronic goods for the various household activities. IFB ELENA AQUA STEAM washing machine has some rare features, beautiful design and has a wash drum of 6kg holding capacity. The machine is priced Rs.29990/- and is fully automatic. Therefore, let us find out what makes this machine different from other and whether it is worth the amount.


Product Description

  • Washing capacity text: 6 Kg Washing Capacity
  • Washing method text: Tumble Wash for Superior Wash Quality,
  • Number of wash programs text: 16 wash programs for different Washing requirements
  • Maximum spin speed text: 800 RPM for Partial drying




If elegance and sophistication is your style, do get this washing machine right away in your home. Yes, the IFB Elena Aqua Steam washing machines look super classy and we cannot get enough of it. First of all, the machine has a complete silver body, with a silver front load door which will instantly grab your eyeballs. To take the attractiveness of the machine a notch up, the center of the door is incorporated with the blue translucent cover which lights up the look of the machine. Apart from that, the machine has a silver dial above the front door for wash programme and an indicator that will tell you about the washing status.


Next, the machine has a wash drum of 6kg holding capacity and is made of stainless steel to avoid any bacteria, rust or corrosion. Overall, we love the way this machine looks. It looks super smart and will definitely complement the modern design of your home.



To start with, IFB washing machine is packed with surprising features which till date we did not come across other washing machines (during our previous review session). The features are quite new and not exactly overlapping with features of washing machines from other brands. Thus, brace yourself to know more about these features right below.

Steam Wash System


Bow down to this revolutionary feature by the house of IFB which until now we did not come across in any washing machine belonging to other brands. Scientifically, the steam molecules are smaller than water molecules. As a result, the steam enters into every single thread of the fabric and cleans them thoroughly. The technology converts the cold water into steam with the help of a heater which in turns removes the germ and keeps the fabric soft and clean.

2D Shower System


IFB Elena Steam Front Load uses the 2d Shower System, yet another unique feature of this machine. This clever feature works at distributing the water inside the tub. It comprises of an especially designed water system, where a nozzle inside the drum distributes the water in the 360-degree direction. This way, it helps in the complete dissolving of detergent and also reaches every area of the cloth. The 2D Shower System also results in better rinsing of the clothes, thereby eliminating the extra detergent from every part of the washed clothes, leaving the clothes crisp.

Crescent Moon Drum

Seems like IFB washing machine is full of surprises for us! IFB Elena Steam Front Load is infused with a Crescent Moon Drum, which keeps the fabric perfectly shielded. The drum has Crescent Moon shaped pattern on the inner side which helps the clothes in getting a supremely gentle wash. The swoosh pattern curving of the water prevents the clothes from rubbing against the wall of the drum and therefore, guarantees an all-around care.

Foam-Control System

Are you aware of the fact that while the detergent gets diffused into the water creating foam, it can reduce the washing performance of the machine? Well, yes it can, however big thanks to the exceptional IFB washing machine which consists of Foam Control System. This system automatically analyses the density of the foam which enables the machine to set an appropriate rinsing time, so that the clothes undergo an adequate washing performance. Therefore, the technology assures that the detergent deposit gets completely eliminated so that the washed clothes do not get stained in any way.

Protective Rat Mesh


IFB Elena Steam Front Load remains guarded against the damages made by the rodents. The rats in the house often degrade the bottom part of the washing machine, however, the Rat Mesh in this washing machine guarantees complete security.

Auto Imbalance Sensing & Control

IFB washing machine comes with an Auto Imbalance Sensing & Control feature that further helps in giving an effective washing performance to your soiled clothes. With this exceptional feature, the Elena Steam automatically checks the entire load of the clothes, so that they undergo a uniform washing procedure. The washing machine starts and stops while in the rotation cycle, in order to distribute the total load equally.


Warranty & Support

Warranty: IFB offers you a complete 4years warranty on the machine

However, in case any defects in the manufacturing or functioning of the product are found during its Lifecycle, you can get in touch with IFB Customer support. You can also register a service request with online and an authorized technician from the brand will visit and resolve the issue.


Price & Availability

IFB Elena Steam Front Load washing machine is priced at Rs.29990/- and is available In case, if you require furthermore information about offers and EMI, then feel free to click here.


Our Final Thoughts

The GOOD: We found everything about this machine superb. Starting from the design, features and the performance of the machine, everything is worth the praise. On top of that, the affordable price of Rs.29990/- makes the machine an essential product in your home.

The BAD: We did not notice anything bad about this washing machine so we cannot talk a lot in this section.

The Bottom-Line: Do we need to say anymore? If you are looking for a washing machine in this range, then get hold of this machine as soon as possible. We are sure you will not regret your investment.


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