Expert Review: Everything you need to know about Samsung RS55K5010S9 Refrigerator

 Samsung RS55K5010S9 American style Refrigerator



Today we are all set to review yet another Samsung American style refrigerator with a side-by-side door design and a holding capacity of 591ltr. Samsung RS55K5010S9 refrigerator is undoubtedly a huge refrigerator which is unbelievably spacious for your convenience. It is a frost free refrigerator which has been priced Rs.90590/-. So, is this refrigerator worth the amount? We shall find it out on the blog below.

Product Description

  • Capacity: 591ltr
  • Type: American Style
  • Door Type: Side-by-Side
  • Freezer Type: Top freezer
  • Defrost Type: Frost Free




We are starting this review session by focussing on the design of this fridge. Well, the first thing we noticed was that the fridge did not look much different from that of other refrigerators. It is an American style, side-by-side door refrigerator with a silver body that has a proper term given by Samsung called Refined Inox. The refrigerator has the minimal design which will ooze elegance whichever space you choose to place it. It has recessed handle which hides the sharp edges and the hinges, hence giving a sleek look to it. To double up the game of handle, there is a beautiful LED display on the handle which illuminates starry blue light to keep you informed about the internal temperature of the fridge. Not just that, you can also go for furthermore settings without opening the fridge.


Now, moving into the fridge which has a holding capacity of 591ltr, you can understand it is a huge fridge. You can evenly organise all the food items and can reach out to them without much difficulty. There are the number of shelves, compartments and boxes that will help you with organising the food items. There are special compartments in the fridge like the Fruit Crisper and the Dairy Guard (where you can keep extra gallons of milk) that will guide you how to store your eatables. It also has an interesting Twist Ice Maker which will help you to dispense the ice with just a twist.


If you have a bad of forgetting to shut the refrigerator door or some reason you might fail to shut the door properly, then there is a door alarm that will notify you the same. This way you will incur less electricity bill as the door will not remain open for long no matter what. The design of the fridge, on the whole, is quite elegant as usual; however, we were expecting the elegance to come with something new in the design. Apart from that, the interior of the refrigerator is enlightened with the help of LED lights both in the freezer and the fridge area so that you can find your eatables easily. Furthermore, you’ll face less electricity bill and save more energy.




Samsung RS55K5010S9 refrigerator has the common features which you have already come across the refrigerators from this range. However, if you are new and do not have much idea, here we are to help you guide the features of this product. Check them out below.

Sensors that are Smarter


Samsung RS55K5010S9 refrigerator is infused with a smart sensor technology which maintains the temperature of the refrigerator. It is the 9 Sensors which keeps a check on the temperature and humidity, bother internally and externally. it also keeps a track of your pattern of the refrigerator to prevent any damage. In addition, Digital Inverter Compressor is encouraged to optimise the settings rather than going through a repeated activity of stopping and re-starting the refrigerator. Hence, healthy food and less electricity bill are what you get.

Not a Regular Compressor


Samsung’s Digital Inverter Compressor is quite different from the conventional compressors which are only responsible to start and stop. This one, however, has 7 adjustable speeds. As a result, these adjustable speeds have been designed to suit different cooling requirements, reducing the damage for an outstanding durability and less noise. Furthermore, treat yourself to less electricity bill and the benefit of the 10-year warranty.

Best of Both Worlds


Samsung refrigerators have a unique technology called the Twin Cooling System. The tech uses two separate air flows and accurate temperature control. This, in turn, works at maintaining an optimum level of humidity separately in the freezer and the refrigerator. Thus, there happens to be no mixing of food odours and all you’ll get is a set of fresh food.

Powerful Cooling and Freezing

Samsung RS55K5010S9 has two features, namely Power Cool and the Power Freeze features. Though both are different, we decided to club under one heading. The Power Cool feature quickly chills the food with just one touch of the button. It blows a gush of cold air to temporarily reduce the inside temperature to 1 °C.

On the other hand, the Power Freeze technology will give you ice-cubes within few minutes, in case of an emergency. With just a push of the button, your freezer will work faster to give you ice the convenient way.

Just Your Fingertips

There is an external LED display with a beautiful blue glow that will keep you updated about the internal activities of the refrigerator. The display will notify you about changing the filter or you can even set the refrigerator to Vacation Mode when you head for the holiday. Hence, now you can operate your refrigerator even without opening the doors.

The Crisper


The Fruit Crisper is a special section in the refrigerator where you can keep fruits, veggies or even cheese. The best part about this counter is that you will love the height as it will stop you from bending over and you’ll find it easier to get hold of your favourite eatables.

Warranty & Support

Warranty: 1-year comprehensive manufacturer warranty on Refrigerator and 10 years warranty on compressor from Samsung

However, in case any defects in the manufacturing or functioning of the product are found during its Lifecycle, you can get in touch with Samsung Customer support. You can also register a service request with online and an authorized technician from the brand will visit and resolve the issue.

Price & Availability

Samsung side by side refrigerator price in India has been set Rs.90590 and is available You can gather further information about offers and EMI from here.

Our Verdict

The Good: Most importantly we appreciate the price of the refrigerator which is Rs.90590/- and the number of features it provides us at this price is worth the praise. We love how the refrigerator performs as we tested few features like Power Cool and Power Freeze and were quite impressed by it. Another fact that has attracted us the most is the blue LED display of the refrigerator which is quite easy to use as per your need. Also, you get to save a lot of energy, thanks to Digital Inverter Compressor. Thus, the majority part of this refrigerator is good.

The Bad: Nothing about this refrigerator can be termed as bad. However, as we have mentioned earlier we were expecting from new in terms of design from the house of Samsung. The design is quite similar to the earlier American style refrigerators; therefore a tad difference is always welcome and appreciated.

The Bottom-line: If you are finding a refrigerator within this price range, you should definitely get this one right away. It will serve all your needs along with adding a dash of elegance to your kitchen. It has the much-needed space that will help you store your food smoothly rather than cluttering them in one place. Apart from that, you will face lower electricity bill which is one of the biggest benefits of buying this refrigerator. Therefore, you can definitely think of purchasing this refrigerator if you want to go light in your pocket.

Samsung UA55KU6470 TV


Samsung UA55KU6470


We are back with yet another review about a TV and this one belongs to a well-known brand called Samsung. Now, we all know that Samsung is one of the top shot brands when it comes to electronic goods which are spread globally. Whenever a consumer thinks of buying a new electronic good, he or she does give a thought about the brand.

So, today we are all set to review Samsung UA55KU6470 4K UHD Flat Smart TV. However, we will take a look at the features and finally put our thoughts at the end of this write-up.


Product Description

  • Display resolution: 4K Ultra HD with 3840 x 2160 Resolution
  • Total speaker power output rms: 20 W Audio Output
  • Connectivity input: 3 HDMI and 2 USB Slot




Let us start with the design of this TV. Well, if you see it, you won’t find a huge difference in the design or anything as such striking. Well, like any other 4K UHD TV, this model is also super sleek and chic which has a metal line design with front black and VNB bezel. It has a plate T-shaped stand which you can use if you choose to keep the TV on a TV stand. Apart from that, we did not notice anything outstanding about the design of the product. You can either choose to hang it on the wall or use the stand; however setting this TV in your bedroom or drawing room will add an edge to the interiors along with a splash of elegance.


Picture quality

Do we really need to mention anything about the picture quality? Let us just say, we cannot get enough of it. The picture quality without any second thought is stunning. When we tested the picture quality, our first reaction to the picture quality was ‘WOW’! Thanks to the PurColour technology, this has a wider range of colour to present you with true colours, nothing less than real life image. It has 8 million pixels, which is four times more than a normal HD display. PurColour is dedicated to increasing the colour adjustment point by 7 times which otherwise is 27 in conventional UHD TVs. This, in turn, allows the viewer with much richer and more refined shades.


Viewing pictures or videos on flat screen TV will obviously make it appear all pretty much flat. However, with Samsung’s Contrast Enhancer which is infused in the TV, we actually noticed the flat images to come alive, almost creating 3D- like dramatic effect. Our team was quite impressed by the vivid viewing experience which is quite rare on a flat-screen TV.

Next, we focused on the resolution part of the TV. The TV has a resolution 3840 x 2160 with 4K UHD display. Now, Ultra HD viewing means you can see every elaborate feature on the screen clearer than ever. Think this to be 4-times more when it comes to Samsung UHD 4K TV which makes the experience all the more lifelike as if you are the part of that picture.

Other things that we noticed were that when we transferred a video from a different source which was not a 4K UHD source to the TV, we were surprised that the picture quality on the TV was almost like that of 4K UHD picture quality. Thanks to Samsung UHD Picture Engine for such a unique experience which we did not come across any other 4K UHD TV.

Lastly, we tested the video quality on this TV. We did not notice any blurring or any unwanted glitch in fast moving or slow moving videos. The fast motion videos were clearer than the slow moving videos; however, on the whole, we gave thumbs up to the video quality as well. Overall, we are awestruck by the picture and the video quality and this can one of the strongest points which should push you to buy the TV.


Sound Quality

Like the previous Samsung TV, this TV has surprisingly a better sound quality. To start with, allow us to mention Samsung UA55KU6470 has a Dolby Digital Plus sound quality which receives thumbs up from our end. The Sound Output is 20W (L: 10W, R: 10W) with the speaker type of 2CH (Down Firing + Bass Reflex). Other things include DTS Studio Sound for virtual surrounding along with Wallmount Sound Mode and HD audio quality. Yes, the sound quality was pretty good as well when we tested it in a big room. When we played music, the sound was pretty clear without any breaking otherwise. Thus, here we are giving you another reason to invest in this TV set.



UHD Picture Engine: UHD upscaling enhances the quality of all of your viewing when you transfer contents from a non UHD source to this TV to view the content which almost same picture quality like that of 4K UHD TV.

Change Instantly: You can now change smoothly and instantly from one app to another or you can switch to live TV while watching a video with Samsung Smart TV. Also, you can start watching the video right from the place where you had left.

Quick Browsing: Well, browsing in Samsung Smart TV has become easier now as it has covered all the amazing apps and websites to your heart’s content. It is packed with tons of best apps and all you have to do is swipe left or right to get hold of your favourite app. It will also suggest your websites which are popular in your region which means browsing is all the more simple now. Everything is possible in the wink of an eye!

Powerful Quad Core: Enjoy faster performance with this amazing Quad Core processor with your Samsung Smart TV. Enjoy seamlessly and faster changing of channels, switching between content and web browsing, as well as smoother interaction.

Experience Multimedia in your living room: With High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) inputs, Samsung will transfer your living room with some kind of an invisible magic wand into a multimedia entertainment centre, with high-speed transmission of high definition digital data from various devices.



Those were some of the prominent features in Samsung UA55KU6470. Lastly, we have to speak about the connectivity part of this TV. Well, the TV is quite a master in this context. Samsung Smart TV is super easy to connect to your TV. It can wake you up in the morning with all the important information you need to start the day with. It perfectly syncs with your mobile phone. You can easily watch any video, picture or TV show on that big screen so that you can keep your hands-free. It perfectly picks the signal from your phone when it is close to the TV so that you can enjoy the same content on a bigger screen. Not just that, it can also work another way round, whereby you can watch a content from TV to mobile at any corner of the house.

Apart from that, with ConnectShare Movie, you can easily plug your USB memory drive or HDD into your TV and immediately movies, photos or music. Also, with Wireless LAN Built-in you can easily streamline your TV’s connectivity without adding any external devices to maintain the look of the TV. Thus, we also love the connectivity capability of the TV and yet another reason we have for you to invest on this TV.


Warranty & Support

Warranty: 1-year warranty

Support: You can directly call Samsung support @ 1800-3000-8282 or 1800-266-8282. Apart from that you can mail them or go for a Live Chat as well.


Price and Availability

SamsungUA55KU6470 priced at Rs. 176900/- (MRP) and is available at  HomeYantra.

For further information about offers and EMI, feel free to check here.


Our Views

Well, you must have understood how much we are impressed by the features of this TV. At this price, Samsung UA55KU6470 is offering a lot more than expected. With their improved sound quality and connectivity, we are superbly flattered by this TV. Not just that, the picture quality is one of a kind and this time even if you watch it from an angle, the picture will not appear greyish. Thus, we will highly recommend this TV to our readers and can assure you that you will not regret the investment.

Samsung RS58K6417SL Refrigerator


Samsung RS58K6417SL

image3Let us start on the note that, a refrigerator is a necessity in every household. With each passing days, the basic refrigerator has gone through a gamut of changes, thanks to the technological development that are happening in leaps and bounds every other day.

Just like the other day we did a review on Bosch KAN92LB35 refrigerator, we are here with yet again another review about a refrigerator from the house Samsung. It is the Samsung RS58K6417SL which is a frost free and side-by-side double door refrigerator. The product has a holding capacity of 654 litres (phew! That is huge). So, what is so unique about this refrigerator? Our team conducted a small research and based on that we are all set to tell you whether you should invest in this particular product or not.




Product Description

  • Capacity (Litres): 654
  • Number of Doors: 2
  • Door Type: Side-by-Side
  • Defrosting Type: Frost Free
  • Cooling Technology: Twin Cooling Plus
  • Inverter: Yes
  • Ice Tray: Yes
  • Door Lock: Yes




Let us start with the way the refrigerator has been designed. Design wise the refrigerator looks classy with some great choice of colours from Starry Gold to EZ Clean Steel (which has matte finish appearance) which you can purchase as per the mood of your kitchen. Well, it is a huge refrigerator which has a holding capacity of 654litres and side-by-side door design which adds quirkiness to your kitchen. The most unique part of the refrigerator is its counter depth design which does not stick out or require any special installation.



Space wise the interior has several racks, shelves and compartments which will allow the user to evenly spread all the eatables inside the refrigerator without actually stacking them up in one place. The doors also have a digital display on it so that you can get quick access to the fridge or choose specific settings without much difficulty. Overall, Samsung RS58K6417SL is a pretty classy looking refrigerator with the good choice of colours; however, the design is not drastically different from that of Bosch KAN92LB35.



After the design, we turned our attention to the features of this refrigerator as it is one of the most important things which will help an individual decide whether to invest in this particular product or not.

Optimal Humidity Care


The twin cooling plus works at cooling the fridge and the freezer compartments independently. Separate evaporators and cooling technology have been infused to ensure the right cooling environment with high humidity. Plus, there happens to be no mixing of odours, thereby keeping the food all fresh.

Precisely Maintains Freshness


To preserve the freshness of the food for a prolonged time period, Precise Chef Cooling technology depreciates any temperature inconstancy to within just ±0.5°C* by frequently sensing changes. It then precisely controls the operation of the compressor to set the right temperature.

More Space to Store Ample Food


The refrigerator has a very spacious interior with a huge 654-litre capacity. Thus, there is plenty of room to store your groceries and it’s much easier to keep everything organized.

Keeps Air Clean


Thanks to the Active Fresh keeper to keep the fridge clean and hygienic. In this process, the air goes through an activated carbon filter, so as to constantly deodorize, while an anti-bacterial trap eliminates bacteria.

Slimmer Lighting, Softer Light


All new LED lighting is slenderer, lighter and more energy efficient. It creates an illusion of more fridge space and brilliantly illuminates every corner with brighter and softer lighting.

Digital Inverter Compressor

Consumes lower electricity in comparison to a Normal compressor


Warranty & Support

Warranty:  1 Year Comprehensive on refrigerator and 5 Years on the Compressor

Support: Samsung Service Centre, India – 24 Hours a day / 7 Days a week

You can also go for a Live Chat or shoot them an Email mentioning your concern to which they will reply within 24hrs.


Price & Availability

You can get your hands on Samsung RS58K6417SL refrigerator, priced Rs.118300 (MRP) from  HomeYantra. For offers and EMI, you can check here.


Final Verdict

After taking everything into account, from the design to the features, Samsung RS58K6417SL Refrigerator is quite a complete package with all the updated features that a refrigerator of price must be having. Also, considering the space it has to offer for the food to store with individual compartments and shelves, purchasing the fridge will be the good investment. However, will also advise you to check out other refrigerators from other brands within same price range as we feel the other brands has a lot more to offer. Also, if your kitchen is not that spacious, do not think of buying this model as it will kill all the space in your small or medium-sized kitchen.

Bosch KAN92LB35 Serie 8 American Fridge Freezer

Bosch KAN92LB35 Serie 8 American Fridge Freezer


Whenever we sit and look out for some of the top electronic brands, Bosch is one such brand which cannot be avoided.

Let us put it in this way, Bosch is one of the leading brands when it comes to technology and services covering a plethora of categories like Mobility Solutions, Industrial Technology, Consumer Goods, Energy and Building Technology.

Among all these, we picked up a household electronic good and that Bosch KAN92LB35 Serie 8 American Fridge Freezer which is, well, a gigantic appliance!!

Well, just like the name suggests, it is an American style refrigerator which has been split from the centre into fridge and freezer, a style quite rare in India. However, if you are planning to invest in this particular model from the house of Bosch, then here is a quick review from our end that might just give you a clear idea about the product before you make any investment.


Product Description

  • Door Type: Side By Side Door
  • Freezer Type: Top Freezer
  • Type: Frost Free
  • Actual Capacity: 592 litres
  • Freezer Lamp: Yes
  • Capacity: 501ltr-600ltr
  • Dimensions: 912 X 1756X 732 mm
  • Egg Tray: Yes
  • Ice-Tray: Yes




We just have three words to say in this case, ‘Classy, Sleek, and Suave’. Yes, we are that much in love with the design of this product. The black glass door along with Chrome Inox Metallic panel gives a very elegant finish to the fridge which just adds up to the modern aesthetic to your home. Overall, it gives a westernise look to the interiors of your home.  Plus, the minimalistic digital display enables the user for quick access without opening the device every single time.

Next, we shifted our attention to the interior design of this refrigerator. Well, firstly the electronic appliance is divided from the middle into freezer and fridge which is not quite available in India (as mentioned above). There are several shelves and drawers in the fridge, which actually helps in arranging the food uniformly without creating a mess.


The BigBox which is present in Bosch KAN92LB35 is an extra deep frozen food drawer which helps in stacking up a frozen food container or larger frozen items like gateaux or pizzas. Thus, if you are planning to throw a big party with loads of guests on your list, you can bet on this appliance to store all your food items. Apart from that, features like VitaFresh Plus and ChillerBox will make sure to keep the veggies and fruits fresh, crunchy and juicy including taking care of other food items like meat and fish.


Overall, the refrigerator has a capacity of 592 litres and the freezer alone has a capacity of 217 litres. Thus, one can easily store large or bulky items in the freezer for which you ought to thank the capacious shelves and the compartments.

Lastly, the interior of the fridge gets lit up by the LED light which is practically a new lighting concept for refrigerators. LED light will help in illuminating the interior with a soothing effect without eating up a lot of electricity and increasing your bill.



With all that being said about the design, why not let us talk about the features with which the appliance is infused with? Well, Bosch KAN92LB35 has some really impressive features which actually grabbed our attention. Check out the list below.



Let us start by thanking this feature called SuperFreezing which works at protecting frozen food from defrosting while adding new food to the freezer. Not just that, the new food freezes faster as well. The automatic freezing function returns to normal operation once the required temperature is reached and this quality helps in saving energy.



This can be termed as a smart feature of this refrigerator. Well, when you activate the SuperCooling function, food that’s just been kept in the fridge is cooled more quickly. At the same time, it stops food already in the fridge from warming up. How can you do this? Simply push the button pushing to 2°C (which is the lowest) to reduce the temperature. However, approximately after 6 hours, the function will automatically switch back to prevent excessive power consumption.


The NoFrost feature is all responsible to collect the humidity in the air in the central fin evaporator rather than building up in the appliance or on the foods. The chiller is responsible for drawing out the warmth of the freezer area and automatically defrosts from time to time. The resultant condensation is taken to the surface and volatilizes using the compressor warmth in a unique collecting pan. Thus, humidity in the appliance is lowered which means that almost no ice forms.

Multi-Airflow System:


If you are looking for an even flow of cold air in your refrigerator, then Bosch is here with a superb solution. The fan-assisted MultiAirflow System causes mild, even flow of cold air which emerges at all levels of the chilling and freezing area. Temperature inconstancies are minimised and cooling time reduces which will help your foods to grasp their flavour for longer.


The innovative VitaFresh cooling tech keeps fresh food fresh for up to 3 times longer. Within the VitaFresh sections, there are two air humidity zones namely the dry VitaFresh Zone and Moist VitaFresh Zone. The dry one is apt for storing sausage, cheese, meat, and fish. On the other hand, the moist area provides an excellent environment for fruit and veggies, thereby ensuring that the freshness, flavour and nutritional value are locked for longer.



Take a bow to the Eco-Mode function of this appliance which helps at adjusting the fridge to an economical chilling temperature. Go ahead and push the button without thinking twice.

Holiday Mode:

Turn on your vacation mood by turning on the Holiday mode. When the function is activated, the temperature in the fridge section is set to approx. +14°C and in the freezer approx. −18°C, which royally protects all your frozen foods and prevents energy wastage while you can enjoy with full energy in the holiday destination.


Warranty & Support

Warranty: 1-year warranty


Price & Availability

The Bosch KAN92LB35 has priced Rs. 154900 (MRP).

It is available @ HomeYantra. For further offers and EMI, you can check here.


Our Verdict

Team HomeYantra is absolutely impressed by Bosch KAN92LB35, not just by its look (though we cannot get enough of it) but also by its features. This huge refrigerator which is slit from the middle with a westernise look to it is quite an eye-catcher. Not just that, its features like SuperFrezeeing, SuperCooling, VitaFresh, to name a few are perfect to keep your food all fresh, juicy, crunchy and full of flavours. Also, not to forget the space it has to offer to store a huge amount of food items in the fridge as well the freezer to keep you ready for any big occasion. Thus, we feel this product is great if you have to store a lot of eatables and also if your house is spacious enough. However, if you are low on budget or have a medium sized home or even if you do not store a huge amount of eatables in the fridge, then you can easily give a pass to this appliance.

The Ultimate Guide To Buying A TV

Cover Picture of TV

Last 5-7 years have been the most dynamic and eventful phase in the history of Television as a product category in India. After the transition from CRT TV to flat panel screens, TV has been on constant evolution from Plasma to LCD to LED to its more sophisticated versions coming up every year. Brands are fighting each other on technology, viewing experience and pricing in this fiercely competitive category.

Whereas a customer is confronted with a plethora of choices. From TV types like regular HD TV to ultra modern 4K HD TVs to an insane amount of smart features. It’s enough to send any ones’ head for a spin to decide on which one to buy. This Ultimate Guide to buying the right Television by Homeyantra makes the process of buying right product simpler.

Know what Television best suits your home and family. To begin with, some key features that should be considered while buying a TV.

Screen Size

In the case of TVs, big is almost always better. You need to consider the below parameters to zero in on the ideal screen size for you.

  • Budget – Refer to the below table to get an idea of TV costing
Screen Size (in Inches) Standard HD LED TV (in INR)
30 & Below 10,000 to 20,000
31 to 40 20,000 to 40,000
41 to 49 30,000 to 55,000
50 & Above 40,000 to 12 Lacs
  • Viewing Distance – There is an optimum viewing distance for every TV. If you are too close the images appear pixelated, and if you are too far you won’t get optimum details. You have to be at a distance of 1.6 times the diagonal length of the TV.


Type of Resolution

  • 4K Ultra HD
    • Also known as UHD TVs, this is at present the newest and best resolution available in the marketplace. They provide about 4 times the resolution of HD TVs and produce stunningly clear, crisp and detailed images. Another advantage of UHD TVs is HDR (High Dynamic Range). This enhances the contrast and colour of the existing pixels of the TV to create more lifelike images.
  • HD Resolution
    • 1080p – This supports a resolution of up to 1080 (typical resolution 1920 x 1080). This is by far the highest selling HDTV at the moment. This would allow you to watch full HD content and all TV programs at the highest resolution.
    • 720p – This is for budget buyers. You would get quality resolution for your DVDs and TV shows. This is the most economical of the 3.


Image showing clarity of picture at various resolutions

Type of Screen

  • Plasma – Plasma TV by far has the best contrast and gives the best picture quality in a dark room. However, now LED technology is catching up and gives the same picture at a lesser price. We don’t see much of Plasma TVs in the market now.
  • LCD – These TV set use Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) to produce images. These TVs were successful in replacing the CRT televisions, however, they are neither power efficient nor the picture quality is as rich as LED TVs.
  • LED – The most widely used TV at the moment are LED TVs. They are energy efficient, thin and light weight. These TVs make for very bright images. They come in 2 types, namely
    • Backlit LED
    • Edge LED
  • OLED – OLED or Organic LEDs is the latest and the best display technology at the moment. Unlike other technologies, OLEDs produces the true blacks with bright highlights. OLED displays are extremely thin and super light weight. The only draw back they are still new in the market and very expensive.


  • Smart TV – A TV that could connect to various devices (laptop/phone) through technologies like Miracast are know termed as Smart TVs. Smart TVs can connect to the internet as well and supports Apps like YouTube, Netflix, Hotstar etc.
  • 3D TV – TVs which can play 3D content, which is quite prevalent nowadays, are known as 3D TV.
    • Passive 3D – Shows 2 different images simultaneously. The design of the glass is such that each eye can see only 1 image. Passive 3D glasses do not require a battery.
    • Active 3D – Active 3D alternates images between both eyes. These glasses are expensive and require a battery change.

Difference between 3D glasses


  • HDMI – HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) is by far the best and the most efficient connection available for HD TVs. It can stream media players, Blu-Ray players, A/V receivers, gaming consoles and much more. HDMI carries both picture and sound in one cable which makes setting up a simple task and it is much cleaner.
  • USB – There are countless devices that can be connected to the TV like pen drives, digital camera, internet dongles etc. However, not all file formats are supported by the TV. Please check the catalogue to get an idea about the supported files.
  • Optical – This is a little old school option for connecting CD/DVD players. The TV is connected with an optical cable. This type of connection is used for audio equipment only. Although this technology exists, HDMI is a better option.
  • VGA – This option is used for connecting computers/laptops to the TV. This is an old technology and hardly seen in modern TVs.
  • Ethernet – Ethernet cable helps the TV to connect to the home internet so that the smart features could be used.
  • WiFi – This helps the TV to connect to the home network without any wirelessly. Once WiFi is connected you could use streaming technology like Miracast to view content from other devices which are connected to the same network.

With this ultimate guide, one can take an informed buying decision, with the right choice of the television that suits ones need the best. For quicker product discovery, Homeyantra‘s Smart Decision Tool helps you choose the right TV from a wide range of products.

The Ultimate Guide To Buying A Washing Machine

Cover Picture of Washing Machine

Washing Machines play a pivotal role in our ever-evolving, day to day needs. The current range of washing machines ranges from time-tested workhorses to energy efficient products with latest in technology and innovation. Customer’s being spoiled for choices with too many different types and different sizes of washing machines flooded in the Indian market. This Homeyantra’s Ultimate Guide to buying the right washing machine makes the first step of your buying journey much simpler, that is knowing what suits your needs the best. Here we go.

Types of Washing Machine – There are 3 types of washing machines that are available in India at the moment.

  • Semi-Automatic – These washing machines are entry level washing machines with 2 tubs. These machines are cheaper and don’t need a constant supply of water. They are not feature rich, however, gets the basic job of washing clothes, done.
      • 2 separate tubs for washing and drying
      • Needs manual intervention
  • Fully Automatic Top Loading – These machines are the most widely used washing machines at the moment. These have only 1 tub hence doesn’t require any manual intervention. They have preset washing programs which can make washing done by touching a button.
      • Single Tub
      • Integrated washer and dryer
      • Better wash than Semi-Automatic
      • Some have built-in heaters
      • Energy efficient
  • Fully Automatic Front Loading – These have the best washing quality among all the washing machines. Most of the machines have built-in heaters which are required for a hot wash. These are also the most water efficient machines.
    • Best wash quality
    • Most have built-in heaters
    • Wash programs for a better wash
    • Variable spin speeds for quicker drying

Below table would give a few differences in the type of washing machines-Types of washing machines


It is advisable to fill the tub of the machine up to 75% of the total load capacity. This ensures optimum level of washing with efficient use of water. Refer to the below chart to get an idea about which capacity you should purchase.Washing Machine Capacity Guide

Key features to look out for

Below are some key features, which we think would reduce the pain points in your laundry routine.

  • Wash Cycles – Most top loader and front loader have wash cycles. Some advanced machines provide a plethora of wash cycles but come at a premium. These settings adjust water temperature and spin speeds to suit a wide range of fabric types
  • Water Heater – Most front loader and some top loader fully automatic machines have a hot water wash functionality. They have an inbuilt heater which controls the temperature of the water.
  • Quick Wash – This feature helps in quickly was a small load of clothes. This is very important when you have that last minute meeting and your clothes are in the laundry basket.
  • Pause Washing Cycle – More often than not you forget to put the last sock or handkerchief in the machine, this feature is exactly for that kind of a situation. Most washing machines lock the doors once the washing cycle starts, a pause option would definitely let you put that in the machine.
  • Steam – This feature is available in most mid-range to high-end washing machines these days. Steam passes through fibre better and hence, is used for removing tough stains which lead to odour free wash.

Homeyantra has simplified the process of choosing the right washing machine for Indian homes. With its smart decision tool, one can precisely know the right product that suits his needs.

E-commerce in India: Next wave of growth


It was mid-2007 when like most millennial engineers, I felt the urge for an MBA adventure and decided to write GMAT, around a time when finding right books used to be a tough task, and some were hard to find in India at all. It was this adversity that made me turn to online. And eventually, I made my first online purchase on eBay, late 2007. Yes, I do represent the generation of online shoppers whose first purchase was a book. It was a $17 book and I paid the almost equal amount for shipping and it took 20 days to reach from the USA.

It was in those days when online shopping was synonymous with books, eBay and Amazon. Not that there were no platforms in India but were a few like Indiaplaza, Indiatimes, Baazi, etc. but they didn’t succeed in moving as many buyers online as they could potentially have. As a result, they together couldn’t make a dent to brick & mortar retail nor could they change the buying behaviour of their targeted urban consumers, and by the end of the first decade of their existence, they started to vanish. Therefore, in hindsight story sounds similar and so the saying, then Nokia CEO said, “We didn’t do anything wrong, but somehow we lost it.”

2011, beginning of the new decade, marks a new threshold of India’s e-commerce story, when new set of players emerged out of India to claim their pie of Country’s then over $450 bn retail market, and soon to be followed by the foreign majors thus marking the beginning of the most exciting phase in India’s retail history, 2011-2020. The first half (2011-’15) of which is heavily invested in adoption by incentivizing shoppers with better pricing and matching or bettering overall service delivery as compared to their brick and mortar counterparts, certainly at huge cost and financial drainage on their balance sheets.

Interestingly, the second half of the decade begins with an INTERVAL, 2016! The year that marks the beginning of the end of aggressive growth with irrational discounting. sluggish growth, unjustifiable unit economics, no path to profitability, cautious investors, lack of easy funds brings the phase of consolidation, fixing the balance sheet and more importantly getting the business model right while still keep bettering customer experience. As shoppers evolve they start looking for more value online than just discounts, a problem that all e-commerce players trying hard to fix.

So, where the next wave of growth for the sector will come from? Today for all big e-commerce platforms, over half of their sales comes from just one product, mobile phone. If you add fashion, 3/4th of GMV are just two categories. Positive though is these categories got adoptions to online, but limited category adoption will certainly limit the growth for the sector.

There are some very high potential categories that have not been tapped well for online, one like home appliances. The reason, on the face of it, looks to be the shortcoming of the channel, the touch, feel etc. But we said same for fashion a few years back, and then we had some vertical platform like MYNTRA addressing consumer needs the right way and making significant in-roads in its category. Home­ appliances, which is the biggest market in India after mobiles, remains vastly untapped in online and owned by brick & mortar so far.

This is major because there’s a structural issue, most big e-commerce companies operating in India started out to do commerce in two broad categories, apart from books are 1.Electronics (mobile, camera etc) 2. Fashion, and their entire model is built around listing and selling commodities. But a washing machine or a refrigerator is no commodity it is highly service-sensitive, have longer lifecycle, hence a very high involvement purchase.

That’s where there is a need for a vertical platform, built to solve for home appliances consumers at every stage of buying journey and lifecycle support. HomeYantra is a step in that direction. A team of very passionate young folks with years of experience in appliances and E-commerce have come together to build first of its kind intelligent platform in India, with just one promise, to make HomeYantra a one stop shop for all home appliance needs.

Like HomeYantra the next wave of growth in India’s e-commerce will be fueled by vertical platforms, built to solve category specific problems end to end. While horizontal platforms will continue to drive event based sales, vertical platforms will lead making a dent in established, offline heavy categories and expand the scope of e-commerce in India.

Khushnud Khan Co-Founder & CEO, Homeyantra